Saturday, July 30, 2005


so let's try this again...
i recall setting up this account right before my old computer decided to enter into its own sort of groundhog's day, looping in and out of itself, asking Yes/ No questions that begat Yes/ No questions, until the unanswered was itself the final one.
by the time i got another computer to do my bidding, i plumb forgot about doing this, consumed instead with a backlog of article writing work, not to mention mp3 posts at Stylus Magazine and Moistworks. it's not until the Voice started asking for blog writers that i realized the mistake in not tending to my own gardens. blogs begat blogs that are begetting a new bubble of enclosed reality. how in flux it perpetuates jobs, be it at MTV or the Voice. now they want to pay for this? people want to read this? this?


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