Wednesday, August 31, 2005

heep see

Haswell & Hecker
"Revision: Orange-Time-Shock-Format-Wave-Re-Composition (Remix for Voice Crack)" 12"
The accompanying text says that mastering maestro Rashad Becker "managed to restore the intended effect of between +6dB and +8dB, depending on the cartridge and tone-arm et cetera used by the listener." FYI, my steak knife-needled stylus changes its rpms dependent not just where I am standing in my room but also how many electrical devices are plugged in, so such subtlety is no doubt lost on me. It's like my room is the Dream House or something when I play a 12". This goes at either speed, and having compared Hecker in the past to dentist drills and alien abductions and gibbons, let's just say this is the sound of a Klingon ballgown zipper going down at either 33 or 45. And she uglier than that Windowlicker bee-yatch, natch.

Luny Tunes & Baby Ranks

Mas Flow 2
Call it what you want, but I wash laundry to this (even my dusty curtains). I also try to ask for 'Trace Dolores' from the lady at Lavenderia when I turn a pocket full of dimes and quarters into folding money)and say 'grassy ass'. At best, I feel like Lil Jon on the "Gasolina" remix, only able to go "Wha???" and "Yeah!" and of course "Skeet-Skeet!" in reaction to this, as I really know fuck-all about what's happening here. Whenever I try to select the "Espagnol" directions for my laundry card, it switches into English the moment it senses my card. But of course.

Haruomi Hosono
Cochin Moon
This made my Pitchfork Top 70s list a while back (#89 here), and even though I only ever hung with an artless cdr of it for years, it's ear-whiggled deep into my butterscotch pudding. Not that I would suggest reading PFK's take of it (much less link to it), though I'm not going to waste either my time or yours describing a late-70s Japanese post-Happy End lotus-eating swastika-curtained hotel outpost monsoon season matinee soundtrack of prog-exotica bitten by electric mosquitos, drum pads of death, and a synth with 'tribe' presets.

Taikuri Tali
some untitled little EP
Fine Finnish frivolity. My first piece for a new outlet, should be out in early Sept.

Pugh Rogefeldt
Ja, Da a Da
Not to say that writing about this will be my big breakthrough, but it too is an initiate piece for a new spot, nationwide no less.

Anthem of the Moon, The Wedding, Nice./ Splittin' Peaches EP, the new single with Plastic Crimewave Sound
Prep work for their imminent Labor Day parking lot end of bummer jam.

Bettye Lavette
"Let Me Down Easy"
I realize that I am just a sucker for vibraphone-pop in any capacity, not to mention any Blue Note date with Bobby Hutcherson manning mallets.

Oren Ambarchi
I'll just let Mark, my recent boarder, do the talking on this, at least until my piece on it appears.

Ricardo Villalobos
Chromosul/ Fadutron
Whether or not 'illa is eating his Wheaties or his Special K and is thus missing flights to Mutek or getting pushed back indefinitely on a fabriclive mix is not for me to judge. Shee-it, I've never even been skiing at Kay Hole, WY. But I do know the sensation of boarding a transatlantic flight with two flights cases full of bog water and peat moss. Not to mention the difficulty of stowing them in the overhead bins, especially when the entire cabin is filled with aloe gel. To where that Swamp Thing stewardess has to come over and hassle you about tray tables and upright, lock positions. Which of course, gets heard as "Wquiahth rrreeeeoorr ihooogpuhgluuug" through the viscous jelly. Dude just can't hang with that scene, and I understand.

The Melvins
Stoner Witch
I can only wonder at what my face looked like in the Hole Foods express line as I tried to scream along with the King B.


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