Sunday, February 19, 2006

beath from above

While I believe the final cover of the upcoming DFA remix comp will be like one of those old school marquee joints, this promo sleeve is hilarious, with both Tim Goldsworthy and James Murphy looking downright psychotic and drug-addled.

While at the offices, I get a frustrating taste of the upcoming Delia & Gavin remixes, done by Carl Craig, Baby Ford, and the DFA. I say frustrating in the fact that Delia and Gavin are purportedly trying to shoot a video to accompany the single, which may take awhile. They are making it with a friend of theirs whose name is, no shit, "Assume Vivid Astro Focus."

Having discussed with the couple their love of movies from directors like Alejandro Jodorowsky, Dario Argento, and Vera Chytilov√° (not to mention their own videos done as the Fancypants and Black Leotard Front dance troupes), the video should be perplexing to say the least, but to hold off the mixes is a shame. The Carl Craig one is epic, ludicrous, taking its sweet-ass time to build up only to toyingly deflate and slowly balloon upwards once more. And that's before getting into the kick and these random piano figures that are askant, unexpected, fragrant, perhaps kin to Villalobos when he would drop harpsichord records at random into his mixes. Fine, call it "ketamine house," but this will be huge in Ibiza.

As will the DFA mix. Not to give it away, but they have a "new secret weapon" (no, it's not another set of those damned go-go bells) that they purportedly found at the Yoga Health Food Store next door to the studio. Yes, all the percussion is made with a cannister of hemp granola. Packed with all the Omega-3 goodness and soluble fiber that you'll need for those imminent foam parties where you'll no doubt be hearing the remixes.

And while Woe rightfully has Allison Goldfrapp in the compactor, I'm not sure how he can deny the ridiculously opulent guilty pleasures piled on the remix of "Slide." Frilly uvulala, a Bronx-bound 5 Express train full of clang and dink, followed by these heavenly guitar harmonics that accumulate into a...well:
"Slide In"

When I asked the office if they were holding out on me with the Tiga remix, they said they didn't even have them yet. The fiends apparently edited this out of a Tim Sweeney podcast, and so:


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