Saturday, August 13, 2005

beta smogs his swimming goggles, digs jigs

even though i had already written about Bill Callahan and found his xmas show a bit of a 'dress rehearsal drag', i swam through the 100% humidity to see him once again at Bowery. this time, he had a dirty third of a pirate for his drummer, swashbuckling his rim shots and helping Smog dive into the muck and find new shoots on "in the pines." Smog jigs retardedly and winces even more than Will Oldham despite having gaunt, botoxed chipmunk cheeks (if that's possible). i am buoyed by how "rock bottom riser" floats like a body in the river though and my friend keeps croaking jokes about "cold-blooded old times." sure enough, when Callahan brings out the seven brides for seven brothers of Feathers, that's what they all croon.

too much swimmer's ear to go and see Jennifer Cardini spin, we swim back over the East River to La Punta Verde for more sweating and Stella drinking with a wasted Dante, who is in town spinning this Saturday. we sweat rivers as we dance a retarded jig to this hot track, "BRIMSTONE AND FIRE" from that heavy (and redemptive) Injun war whoop joint by the rumbler himself, Link Wray. with that i backstroke home.


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