Monday, September 05, 2005

beta feels single, sees the double

Saturday was a day of doubles. I'm at the Twisted Ones vacant lot party with Nabisco and Pinky. It's not enough that Nabs is talking about Goldfrapp being an evil double, he has to go and bump into a girl that he appears to have met in another life. Or maybe it's her twin, as she admits to having one.
Soon after, Pinks tells me that her Freudian double is present, the dark-haired version of herself, as if it's going to turn all Mulholland Dr. on a Saturday afternoon. Of course, it has to happen during silencio of The Double's set, right? And when Black Dice and I talk about the next wave of rock, we decide that it'll all be about squawkboxes that make neat-o noises in addition to the guitars and drums. No one can think of any bands that fit this description though, other than Comets on Fire and The Double.


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