Tuesday, October 04, 2005

beta shops at d'ags

overheard conversation in the checkout line at D'Agostino's grocery store between two guys in their mid-thirties:

First Guy: "So there's this video coming out of old footage from CBGB's and punk clubs in the eighties."
Second Guy: "It's hard to believe that you used to be a punk-rocker. I just can't see you like that at all. All angry at the world and shit."
First Guy: "Yeah, back then it was all about the music. Punk before it was fashion. Guys like Joe Strummer and the Ramones were my fucking idols. Joe, he was a spokesman for a generation. Music was all I cared about when I was eighteeen, twenty. Now all I think about are my kids. "
Second Guy: "I'd like to be the spokesman for my generation."
First Guy: "You can't be now. You're too old."
Second Guy: "I'm too old to get up on stage?"
First Guy: "Nah, you can still get up, but you're too old to be the spokesman for a generation. It's already past your time."
Second Guy: "I'm too old?"
First Guy: "Yeah, you're too old to be spokesman. You can't be over twenty-five. The kids will never trust you."
Second Guy: "What do you mean? What about Kanye West?"
First Guy: "Who's she?"


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