Wednesday, November 09, 2005

beta cooks, thanks, and ketchups

Apologies to the three of you out there checking back to see me doing no updates to my blog the last few weeks. Been busy with lots of deadlines and upcoming assignments, not to mention going back for a wedding last week (hopefully my comments on Texas will be forthcoming). Much thanks to those offering condolences on Tupac, too.


Fiery Furnaces live at Town Hall in the Village Voice

LCD Soundsystem and the Juan Maclean in the Nashville Scene

And on the racks, my first appearance in SPIN, writing about, of all people, Pugh Rogefeldt, Svensk psych guitar god. It was somewhat thrilling to be national, and to stand at the airport kiosks and read myself, rather than thumb the newest issue of Leg Show.

Since the disc seems to be hard to come by (try Aquarius), I'm posting two choice cuts from Ja, Da a Da!. See if the first ten seconds of "Love, Love, Love" doesn't sound familiar:

Pugh Rogefeldt "Love, Love, Love"

Pugh Rogefeldt "Har Kommer Natten"

(much obliged to DB for the trax and Stephen, my resident Swedish interpreter (who helped me translate titles on Ta Det Lungt earlier this year))


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