Monday, November 21, 2005

beta missing link

It took forever for this news to come back to the Carolina hills from Copenhagen. Better tribute has already been paid by odd fellows that spent their formative days looking for that true fire of existence in a world of horrific absurdity and prosaicness, guys named Pete Townshend, Neil Young, Bob Dylan. Some fine words going at ILM too (including all sorts of live trax getting posted).

I have spent a good three months with a two-disc set of the man's self-revival in the early 70's, when the music of Dylan, the Band, and the Rolling Stones made the man go, "Shit, these Canucks and Brits keep taking on the guise of the American hills, whereas I came up in the back country and can beller it ferreal." Link then proceeded to do so in a little wood shack, excavating a music that draws from the underground currents that such deep wells as gospel, folk, country, and hillbilly stomp all take as their source. Dig some of this coal, black and ever-burning, much like Link will be up in the skies beyond:

Link Wray "Fire and Brimstone"
Link Wray "Right or Wrong (You Lose)"
Link Wray "Take Me Home Jesus"


Blogger Michael said...

what, no juke box mama? that song is the JAM. cut it down and have someone spit a sixteen over the opening measures and you got yourself a hit single.

1:58 PM  

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