Tuesday, September 06, 2005

beta has an appetite for Luv

At a neighbors' barbecue, the lovely young couple in sweet airbrushed tees confess to me that they "totally met over this" cassingle. She queues it up and blasts "Me So Horny," in the clean version. Since 2 Live Crew was my favorite shit as a freshman (along with this dude), I instantly had all the words come back, only to realize I didn't know the non-randy words. (side note: my local punk rock store in HS was the one that had the obscenity charges brought against them that brought the album to court and national attention).

Funny how the crude juvenile lines, whether it's "Sitting at home with my dick on hard" or "Put you lips on my dick and suck my ASSS-hoooole too," actually struck me as something more uh...everlasting and relevant than either "watching Arsenio Hall" or the oddly wording that urge of "having an appetite for love." The neighbors then did a bump'n grind move to it, meaning I may just have to head over here and download some of that choad.


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