Tuesday, November 22, 2005

heep see

Long-unlistened-to records I dragged back from Texas...

Throbbing Gristle - DoA

This pressing has that infuriating banding, so that the little noises segue without warning into Genesis's violin dirges or the sound of crumpled found cassettes. Meaning that as much as I'd want to spin it between Ilitch or Tolerance records, I can never figure out where that lump of Hambuger Lady quivers. The Cosey pic reminds me back when my old roommate had a few early-eighties skin mags with Cosey sprawled out; he made a mint from them horny goths on eBay.

Rockers Almighty Dub
Dreads shoota magenta lightning from fingers, turning the title to magma and the island to the more-to-the-point name of "JAM." I haven't listened to this set in a good five years and am pleasantly blown to realize the first side features excellent outbound dubs on Horace Andy tracks like "Money." Vagaries abound, with names like Bullwackies and Joe Gibbs tossed around, as well as piano by Agustis (sic) Pablo.

The Saints - (I'm) Stranded

My copy still skips on "Kissin' Cousins," but the opening notes of the furious "Nights in Venice" slays me.

Public Enemy - You're Gonna Get Yours
b/w Miuzi Weighs a Ton, Rebel Without a Pause 12"
Made more classic with the 98 Posse chillin' in a Strong Island parking garage on a freezing night sleeve.

Red Krayola - Coconut Hotel

This remains one of my favorite free music documents, just for the fact that this odd stuff was being cooked up in Texas. A huge influence on my concepts of what can be played, be it abrupt organ snores, poured water, or just what sort of possible sound you can attempt on a one second song. The Les Blank portraiture that captures Mayo Thompson's beatific smile on the back is just exquisite.

Paul McCartney - II
This record keeps blowing minds. James Murphy plays out a sick edit of "Temporary Secretary" that actualizes its electrocoeur, but I have to constantly warn everyone that it's not as hot as the proto-drill'n bass of "Drakroom" would lead you to believe. There's that patented lack of quality control prevailant in the man's catalog.

P16.D4 - Kuhe in 1/2 Trauer
The record clerk scribbled in Sharpie about "Classic 1984 Experimental Noise! Awesome!" and spinning it again, my only wish is that I had about three more of these Selektion titles, so as to trace the progress of Ralf Wehowsky in the early days. What strikes me the most is how personal and intimate this still sounds, sensical to the self first and foremost, meshing dadaism and industrialism via home-taping, damn the outside and its imposed organizing operations.

J.J. Cale - Naturally...



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