Monday, April 03, 2006


And then the Nothing went to take a tinkle.

Oldham Addendum: so going to the Old Joy afterparty got the elbows rubbed but good. Not only was Kim Gordon's armrest right next to mine in the mingling, but we hit the olive bowl pretty hard. Me, I only talked to her about the eggrolls that were served at the party, afraid to thank her for ruining my friggin' life (it's easier to tell her than Thurston (who I also neglected to inform of such a factoid back when I ate BBQ with him) or Kurdt Kobain (who really lost touch with his fanbase...)). I blame it on all the free bottles of Negra Modelo, as I wound up rather ripped.

Nothing to say to Todd Solondz but I do however corner Ira Kaplan in the bathroom queue, completely inhabiting my role as the guy that tells you about the one time he saw you guys play and how much you freakin' rawked. The only reason I would say such a thing to the guy though is I saw Yo La Tengo when they played at Tacoland in an insanely packed, reverent, and intimate gathering some ten years ago.

During the show itself, they just gushed over and over about how amazed they were to be playing there (Gwar musta told them about it or maybe it was the Dead Milkmen) and how amazing Big Drag (our hometown heroes/zeros) were. They went on to make explicit how genius they thought Big Drug was by completely ripping off their Beach Boy cover of "Little Honda" for I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One, replete with fuzzy one-note bend git solo.

Of course he remembered the show (all requests past the Dead C cover they opened with), although he remembers power outages, while I don't. Ira tells me that when he met Doug Sahm and Augie Meyer, he got to boast about playing there. Augie Meyers just laughed and laughed. And in a sweet party pee-line moment, he offers me his condolensces with the shooting death of Ram last year. It was swell that he knew about it and thought to say something sweet like that to some guy waiting to use the pisser.


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